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Honest Auto Repair

Our full-service auto repair facility has the tools and equipment to provide a broad range of repair services including repairs to engines, brakes and electrical systems. We also offer complete electrical diagnostics.

We are proud of earning a reputation as thorough and honest mechanics, who get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about us, your vehicle, or services we provide.

Glens Auto Repair in Omaha NE
Honest Omaha Mechanics

Our automotive computer diagnostics system can diagnose symptoms;

Check Engine Light is On Fuel Economy is Down
Failed  Emissions Test
Engine Hesitates
Loss of Normal Engine Power
Engine Cranks but won't Start
Engine Stalls
Engine Misfire
Cylinder Misfire
Other Warning Light(s)

Everything that makes your car run safely and effectively;

Drive Line
Transmission and Clutch
Alignments and Tires
Cooling System
Starting system
Charging system

Heating and Air Conditioning

Keeping your vehicle in top notch running condition is our priority; 

Tune Ups
Oil changes
Transmission Service
Coolant Service
Brake Fluid Flush
Power Steering Flush
Differential & Transfer Case Service
Fuel Injection Service
Timing Belt Service
All General Services

Towing Service in Omaha
Omaha Mechanics

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